40/100G 4-Channel Small Form (QSFP) Optical Transceivers

OptixCom offers 40 Gb/s (4x10 Gb/s) and 100 Gb/s (4x25 Gb/s) QSFP optical transceivers for your bandwidth need.  The Short Reach (SR) version utilizes 4x parallel channels of advanced 850 nm VCSEL laser arrays and high speed electronics with an 8-fiber MPO multimode optical connector.  The Long Reach (LR) version is designed to operate with 4x CWDM channels, through multiplexing and demultiplexing of these 4x10 or 4x25 Gb/s channels into a duplex LC connector interface.  The QSFP optical transceiver is hot pluggable in the z-axis with a 38-pin connector. It is compliant with 40/100G Ethernet standard and QSFP+ Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) SFF-8436 for datacom applications.


  • 850 nm for up to 300 m and 1310 nm for 10 km
  • 4x10 Gb/s with 8-channel MPO connector
  • 4x25 Gb/s CWDM with duplex LC connector
  • 38-pin connector z-axis hot pluggable
  • QSFP MSA, 40/100 GBASE Ethernet, and RoHS compliant


  • 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Infiniband QDR and Fiber Channel
  • Datacenter interconnects
  • Data Communication for SAN and LAN
  • Routers and switches, computer networks
Product Catalog & Technacal Library
Part Number Data Rate Wavelength Distance Power Budget Temp. Range
QFP-40GSR4-AT300M 40 Gb/s 850 nm 0.3 km 3 dB 0 – 70°C
QFP-40GLR4-AT2K 40 Gb/s 4x CWDM 2 km 5 dB 0 – 70°C
QFP-40GLR4-AT10K 40 Gb/s 4x CWDM 10 km 5 dB 0 – 70°C
QFP-100GSR4-AT100M 100 Gb/s 850 nm 0.1 km 4 dB 0 – 70°C
QFP-100GLR4-AT2K 100 Gb/s 4x CWDM 2 km 4 dB 0 – 70°C
QFP-100GLR4-AT10K 100 Gb/s 4x CWDM 10 km 6 dB 0 – 70°C